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Gold Mutual Funds List

There are many types of mutual funds that invest primarily in gold. The following representative list of mutual funds that may be classified as "gold funds" will often also invest in assets other than gold, mainly other precious metals like silver, palladium and platinum. Most, if not all of these gold mutual funds are non-diversified (ie. they are invested primarily in the gold and precious metals industries).  Full details of their investment objectives and policies are available in each fund's prospectus which we encourage you to peruse.  We have provided links to the mutual fund companies along with telephone numbers wherever possible to make this easier for you. 

See our mutual fund guide: In order to make an informed selection out of these funds, you may be interested in our user-friendly guide to mutual fund investing.

(Where the same fund is available in different share classes, we have linked only one share class in order to avoid duplication, and included pertinent information on the other share classes.)

Disclaimer: Please note that this list is only representative and is not intended to be a complete and exhaustive listing of every gold fund available to investors. It is being provided for information purposes and is in no way advisory, an endorsement of or a solicitation to buy any fund or investment. This website is not afilliated with any mutual fund or investment company. The information was gathered from publicly available sources that were believed to be accurate at the time of publication in order to give you a ready referrence but we do not take responsibility for such accuracy. The information provided on this site may be out of date as we do not regularly update this website. In addition, the funds mentioned on the site may not constitue the entire range of share classes offered for that particular fund. The information is necessarily incomplete and you are encouraged to seek qualified help in getting more information on the gold funds listed.

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