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The information in this website is being provided only for information purposes. It is in no way advisory, an endorsement of or a solicitation to buy any securities (funds, stocks etc.) and this website is not afilliated with any mutual fund, ETF, investment company or other company. The information on this website, including charts, was gathered from publicly available sources in order to give you a ready referrence and is believed to be accurate but we do not vouch for nor take responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information. Further, the information provided on this site may be out of date as we do not regularly update this website. We also may not have included every fund class available to investors in each of the respective fund families listed, every stock involved in gold and precious metals or every ETF involved in this market segment. The information is therefore necessarily incomplete and you are encouraged to study the relevant literature, including fund prospectuses, carefully and seek qualified advisory help in order to get more complete and current information on the investments listed before making an investment decision. Where possible, we have included direct links to the investment companies and issuers involved to make it easier for you to do so.

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