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Horizons BetaPro COMEX Gold Bullion Bull Plus ETF - HBU-TSX

This ETF seeks to match twice the daily market performance of the COMEX index.

HBU can invest in stocks and other financial instruments in its endeavor to replicate twice (200%) of the daily performance of the COMEX Gold Bullion Index, net of fees and expenses. The futures contracts in the portfolio are rolled over on fixed dates into new contracts and therefore maintains exposure to the gold price index.

  • Fund Manager - Horizons BetaPro ETFs
  • Inception Date - 01/22/2008
  • Exchange Canada TSX Exchange
  • Index Ticker HBU
  • Intra-day NAV Ticker HBU
  • Expense Ratio 1.15%

For more information and a full prospectus:

Horizons ETFs. 416-933-5745.

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